Let me clarify a few things.


I want to go into forensics, not anything relating to necrophilia. I do not “like” dead bodies, I see them as a canvas with a story written on it. Just because I am comfortable with death, decay, and talking about killers DOES NOT MAKE ME ONE. I am not okay with people throwing me in the same…

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if you’re mad at me please just tell me what i did wrong instead of ignoring me

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A Schizophrenic suicide.

things don’t always get to me but this got to me 

Oh my god
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"Now Eddie had his mother all to himself. But not for long. In 1945, Augusta suffered a stroke. Eddie tended to her day and night, though nothing he did ever seemed to be good enough. Sometimes—-her voice slurred but still dripping with contempt—-she would call him a weakling and a failure, just like his father.
At other times, she would beckon him to her side and pat the mattress besides her. Eddie would crawl into her bed and cling to her, while she cooed in his ear: he was her own little man, her baby.
At night, he wept himself to sleep, praying to God to spare his mother’s life. Eddie could never manage life without her; she had told him so herself.
But his prayers went unheeded.”
—-Harold Schechter on Ed Gein and his mother in the book The Serial Killer Files.
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